Monday, March 14, 2016

France in 2016

We're going back to France this year. We've got our airline tickets -- burning up air miles on British Airways is always fun -- and plan to spend about three weeks. The plan so far is: we leave Michigan 11 September, drive to Dick and Dorothy's house where we will leave our car. We then fly out of Boston on 13 September, arriving Paris on the 14th and take the train to Lille where we'll spend a few days with Glen and Christina.

On Monday 19 September Richard and Pauline will pick us up in Lille and the four of us will spend the next four days traversing and touring the Somme and Ypres battlefields from World War One. It's the centennial of those horrific events and we're eager to pay our respects.

After we say adieu to Richard and Pauline we head off to Paris on the 23rd where we will remain until flying home 4 October. Susie is already scouting potential professional development classes while I will tidy up any loose ends in my forthcoming Guide to more than 1,000 Sculptures in Père-Lachaise. (You can find the website I created that complements the guidebook right here.)

Right now we're exploring options for renting an apartment in Paris, always an interesting experience. Anyway, I hope to post the results of my research here so so stay tuned.

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