Monday, March 08, 2010

Free at last, free at last, Susie has been set free at last

Last Friday, March 5, was Susie's last day at Gracie's. She spent several of her remaining few days explaining the nuances of Gracie's approach to desserts to Melissa, her erstwhile replacement, who will be stepping into her shoes this coming week.

Melissa (that's her on the left), is an incredibly talented and creative Johnson & Wales student who will be graduating this spring. She's bright, motivated, reliable, and asked all the right questions. Susan's assistant Danielle (on the right), who has herself make serious strides toward her own professional development in the world of pastry, rounds out the pastry "department" at the restaurant.

Susan misses the work but it's vital that she move on. It's terribly hard for little compensation, difficult enough for someone in their 20s let alone their 50s, but truth be told she never wanted to work in a restaurant in the first place. Nevertheless, the growth in both her professional development and self-confidence as a chef during the past two years has been tremendous.

So now she's looking to the future: Paris first, spending time studying French and developing her croissant techniques, visiting friends and strolling the city, clearing her head, lightening her heart and thinking next of Valerie's wedding, Melissa's wedding and then. . . ?

Sweet Nell's Baking company has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

Stay tuned - this is one story that's only going to get better.

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