Thursday, March 25, 2010

Susie's in Paris

Susie called me early yesterday morning to say she had a smooth trip from Boston to Paris and arrived in the 11th arrondissement in Paris safe and sound. No lines in Boston,  flight left on time and touched down early at Charles de Gaulle. After waiting in a horrendous passport control line at the airport -- after all, what are governments for other than to annoy the life out of us -- she picked up her checked bag, called the shuttle to say she had arrived and they pulled up soon after.

After unpacking and settling in she took a nap. although still a bit "lagged" she rouse dherself and went out strolling around the neighborhood. After paying her respects to Leon Blum (at the eponymous Place) she walked down Ledru-Rollin to rue Charonne, up Charonne to Faubourg Sant Antoine and over to Place Bastille where she sat outside with a glass of wine, watching the world speed by.

From the Bastille she headed back to rue Charonne (via rue de Lappe) and to the Bar au Soupe where she had a delicious tasting of three different soups, with a small cheese plate, hot, fresh made bread and a glass of wine -- all for 12 euros! (We had eaten thre together once before -- nice folks and the soups are all freshly made each and every day.)

Then a stroll back home and to bed.

Me? I'm enjoying leftovers in Providence, thank you very much, and it looks like the high point of my week will be grocery shopping. The only travel challenge for me will be dodging the growing number of large holes in our streets.

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