Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good news from New England and unsettling news from Paris

The good news, from the Northeastern corner of the United States, at least the small world in which I live, is that Susan's Uncle Frank is back on the road to recovery. Frank suffered a severe heart attack last week and after two stents and several days in the ICU at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA, has bounced right back.

On a more somber note, a friend here in Providence is having to make the one drive we all wish we didn't have to make: the one that leads us to an old friend or family member to say that final goodbye. Godspeed to you Barbara.

And Godspeed to you, too, Uncle Frank.

May hearts lighten just a wee bit today/
anguish has its own peculiar way/

By now most of you are keenly aware of the airline chaos that has struck Northern Europe, producing a ripple effect throughout the world. The Paris airports remain closed and, we are told, will remain so through at least Monday. (photo above: Jardin du Luxembourg.)

Susie is scheduled to fly home on Tuesday but right now, it does not look as if that is going to happen. Originally, I planned to join her this Tuesday and we were both going to return in early May. Once hired full-time by Johnson & Wales University, though, I had to put that trip on hold and we rescheduled Susie's return for April 20.

While the inconvenience suffered by so many travelers is most stressful, for them and for loved ones waiting at home, no one has been hurt, and nothing catastrophic has happened. For that we should all be truly thankful. As for Susie's predicament, if one has to be stranded anywhere what better place than Paris.

Like most of Nature's ways this, too, shall pass. In its own time, not ours.

I'll post more information as I get it.

Be well and be happy. Life is short.

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