Saturday, April 24, 2010

Susie returns to Providence; Paris breathes easy

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in Boston; a few intermittent showers but otherwise sun and warm temps greeted me as I pulled into the central parking garage at Logan Airport. Susie's flight was on time, she whisked through passport control, and a few minutes later she grabbed her bags off the carousel and headed out the door into the waiting area of Terminal E -- where I was waiting.

She was tickled to be out in the open air again after sitting inside a narrow metal tube for the better part of the day.

After a short ten-minute walk up and out of the terminal, across the pedestrian bridge into the garage, down six levels and onto I-90 heading east. We exited at I-93 south and joined much of the entire population of greater Boston heading out of the city. The traffic arteriosclerosis notwithstanding, we were back in Providence by 6pm. Once the bags were in the condo, the Cremant was opened, glasses filled and toasts all around to her safe return home – at last!

After an early dinner and some unpacking, Susie showered to get the volcanic ash off her, and soon hit the proverbial hay.

A pretty good day indeed.

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