Monday, April 19, 2010

The Latest Travel News from Paris (a very small part of it)

The official news as of Monday morning is "Paris airports will remain closed until 8am Tuesday morning." I was informed yesterday by an Air France agent that in fact the airport would reopen at 3pm Tuesday. That would necessitate a cancellation of Susie's flight so, after some time on the phone (twice) we got Susie booked on a Friday morning KLM flight out of Paris to Boston, connecting in Amsterdam.

I had to return to the hotline -- and listen to the same music loop for another half hour just to reconfirm since we received no confirmation by email. We now have that bit of electronic data in hand. Now, like tens of thousands of other folks, we sit and wait. And, of course, the "Ash Attack" -- which is what the NYT appears to be calling this particular situation -- is by no means over. Where the "Cloud" goes and when is certainly not known to any of us.

Meanwhile, a few are focused on other things:

Outside the church of St. Germain des Pres. Naturally. (photo by Susie.)

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