Sunday, January 09, 2011

Jack DeKorne is one of the greatest people I've known

We just learned this afternoon that Susie's Uncle Jack DeKorne passed away in his sleep last night.

I first met Jack many years ago in Michigan, probably at a Van Halsema family get together I suppose. When I met him first doesn't really matter, though, because Jack was one of those rare people who made you feel as if he's known you all his life. When you engaged him in conversation he gave you his full attention, indeed he made you feel as if you were someone special and that it was a privilege to be talking with you.

Even though he made his mark in the world of fine furniture, we both shared a great fondness for recording life's peculiar events on videotape. Every time our paths crossed, and they were too few, he always made me laugh with his stories, jokes and wry outlook on the foibles and follies of the human condition -- always with a good heart. His kindness of spirit, sincerity of hospitality, and warm humor always remind me of my own father, who will always remain the greatest man I've ever known.

Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us Jack.



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djdk said...

Thank you Steve, for those kind words. I too will miss him very much.

Dave DeKorne