Saturday, April 09, 2011

The French Tart, opening moves

On Friday, April 8, Susie, aka "The French Tart," joined a number of other like-minded folks trying to start a small business in the decidedly unfriendly state of Rhode Island. The occasion was Urban Ventures' Economic Development Forum, located in the massive Indian Council Algonquin Building on Broad Street. The forum, which ran from 10-11:30am, provided each entrepreneur an opportunity to present their product or service to local politicians and potential venture capitalists.

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend but Susie did take some photos of her spread -- and what struck me the most when I saw her photos was how very far she has come. Looking at her layout it was now obvious, to me at any rate, that she was not only a professional pastry chef but had developed a keen eye for preparing an attractive table for showcasing her products.

But you can judge for yourself:

Prepping the table

Green tea black sesame financier

Caramel nut tart

Apple puffs, duh

mini Pain au chocolat
Strawberry kiwi profiterole

Lemon berry tart


patti said...

Wow, Susan, very impressive!! Why don't you just cater? I bet people would fall all over you! Love to you both.

Rebecca said...

Wow everything looks soooooo wonderful! I can't wait to try some of your things.
Rebecca Smith