Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update shmupdate

Providence in April -- chilly mornings, lots of sunshine and plenty of grit in the air from the destruction of part of I-195 that once ran through downtown:

But the full moon has passed and spring is definitely on the wing here:

Abandoned museum/hotel project on the left and Davol Square, where I work on the right
A week ago this past Monday evening I drove Susie up to Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA, where she spoke to a gathering of about 40 French students and faculty. The idea was for her to talk about her rather dramatic career change and, most particularly, about our move to Italy and ultimately France where she studied pastry. That part always amazes people -- and when we stop and think about it, it was pretty amazing indeed and frankly I'm surprised we did it.

Anyway, much of the presentation was in French and to cap it all off she also brought along five of her classic tarts including my personal favorite, caramel nut.

On Saturday Susie held another Petit Chefs class at Alliance Francaise and once again it was a packed house.

While she held forth teaching the fine art of pastry to the kids, I headed out to the East Bay Bike path to break in my new folding bike. It's a Dahon D7 and unfolds and folds up in about 15 seconds each way.

The ride is smooth although the 20-inch tires are a bit restrictive -- still it was enjoyable to cruise along the bike path even though the air was quite chilly and the wind blustery. On Sunday I really put the bike through its paces, heading into previously unknown territory along the bike path. Susie and I even swapped on and off (she mostly walked though). It was a grand way to end/start the week that's for sure.

More good news: Susie has been looking at two places now for commercial kitchen space. One is in an old mill building located about a mile and a half from downtown and presently undergoing a serious makeover; she would be responsible for the buildout in addition to equipment etc. The other one, in downtown Providence, is already to go, of course she would still be responsible for the equipment but it has the potential of developing into retail space as well. Both places are quite inexpensive and offer short term leases. Cool!

I had hoped to get to NYC this week to moderate a panel on digital art within the western tradition but work holds me fast to Providence. But if you're interested, here's the finale to my short opening presentation (sound up):

Life is full of tradeoffs, eh?

No major trips are planned any time soon -- but we continue to scheme about 2012 and hiking in the French alpes maritimes. You can find out more about our projected "walk" right here or cut and paste:

We'll keep you posted!

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