Monday, April 14, 2014

Family outing to Broadway Bistro

This past weekend was quiet here in Providence. Brother-in-law Carl drove down to our corner of the planet on business and spent the weekeend with us.

After another great day for the French Tarte on Saturday the three of us joined by sister-in-law Dorothy  (Dick was off to New York leading a group of students on an outing) for dinner at Broadway Bistro, one of our favorite hangouts on the west side. Good food, lively conversation and a pleasant evening marred only by loud music and indifferent service. Otherwise, it was a fun time.

On Sunday Susie taught her last class until later in May. Next week we leave for England and new travel adventures. Stay tuned!
Dorothy listening to Carl make a point

artichoke croquettes, so-so

marinated shrimp

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