Monday, April 14, 2014

Springtime in Providence and Hadrian's Wall

It's been gorgeous weather here in Gritworld this last couple of weeks. With windows now open we get both the fresh air and the urban grit that's been lying in the streets since last fall. City life indeed!

Well, just a few more weeks and the Winter Farmers Market will close another season and move outdoors to Lippitt Park, just a 5-minute drive away. Susie will focus her attention this summer on classes, at least through July. After that, well so far we have planned a road trip to Michigan later in the summer; she might stay with her mom for a most of August but I'll come back to Providence  after a week. We'll see.

In the near term, though, we're off to England a week from tomorrow (Tuesday). Since we have an 8am flight out of Boston we're driving up after work on Monday and will spend the night near the airport at a Holiday Inn in Saugus. We can leave our car at the hotel and grab the hotel shuttle early in the morning. Anyway, we plan on dinner at Mamma Maria's in the North End that night.

OK, so we arrive in London about 7:30pm (local time) and Richard and Pauline will pick us up and drive to their home in St. Albans, We'll spend the better part of April 23 exploring their home town and maybe even get a tour of West Highgate Cemetery in London. The next day the four of us head north by car to Hadrian's Wall just shy of the Scottish border.

We'll spend four nights in Hexham at a B & B and explore the wonders of the English North Country and hopefully bounce into Scotland briefly. We then return to St. Albans on the 28th and spend the next day in London, possibly at the Imperial War Museum.   On the 30th we will say adieu to our hosts; after they drop us off at Heathrow the two of them head for France and Mouchon while we wait for British Airways to drive us home.

It's then back to the US, shuttle to the hotel, pick up the car and back to Providence.

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