Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just a few different pastries from the French Tarte

In addition to her regular pastry menu -- croissants, pain au chocolat, financiers, croissant aux amandes -- each Saturday Susie will try at least a couple of new items. Here's a sampling of "new" pastries from the past three Saturdays.
Brioche baked with pastry cream and cherries
Chocolate hazelnut financier
Kouig-amann - a Breton butter cake baked to a carmelized finish

variation on a lemon tart

lemon ricotta cake, right out of the oven

lemon ricotta cake, finished

Macaron rustiques 


fruit tart with almond cream
sugar bun -- croissant dough rolled and baked to a caramelized finish

"black and blue brioche" - pastry cream baked in brioche with black- and blueberries on top

lemon tart

Baked almond cream tart with fruit

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