Monday, June 09, 2014

Rowing Lessons for the French Tarte and dinner along the water

Now that the French Tarte has closed her shop for good she's finding time to do some of those things she's been had on her to-do list.

And something she's been wanting "to do" is to take rowing lessons. So, last Saturday she attended a rowing open house at the Narragansett Boat Club along the Seekonk River.

The "open house" actually consisted of putting attendees on a rowing barge and spending the better part of an hour learning the basics of rowing. After I dropped her off I drove over to the Farmer's Market in nearby Lippitt Park. A few minutes later I returned to the river and grabbed a few snaps before the trial session was over.

 Anyway, she found the experience exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable -- so much so that she's signed up for a "raft" of lessons beginning June 23: Two evenings a week for six weeks, rowing on the Seekonk.

Later that evening we returned to the Seekonk River to dine outside at Waterman Grille -- the service was, as always, friendly and pleasant, the evening beautiful and the food pretty good -- they even batter-fried the banana peppers with the calamari! I had salmon with a side of twice-baked potato and Susie had pizza

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