Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two goodbyes and one hello

I suppose a change in our mode of transportation was inevitable, that it was only a matter of time before we readjusted our lifestyles: now that Susan closed up shop our lives became infinitely more flexible in terms of who needed the car when.

So, a week ago last Friday I put the motor scooter on cragislist and within the hour it sold. In the rain no less.

And then last Friday we traded in our "ice blue" Mini Cooper for a "twilight blue" Subaru Outback. I suppose we're more normal now, driving a car that actually allows us to carry things in the back, with four doors no less. We were looking for a reliable all-wheel-drive vehicle and so we now have one. And the myriad of sinkholes and potholes that pass for streets in Providence don't have quite the spine-jarring impact on our bodies that seemed to be the hallmark of driving a Mini. But the car was fun. . .

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