Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tiverton nature trails: Weetamoo and Ruecker Wildlife Refuges

It was a gorgeous day when our friend Magali drove over to our condo, parked her car in our lot and joined Susie and I on an outing to the wilds of Tiverton. Our goal was to spend some quality time in a pair of wildlife refuges not far from the water: Ruecker and Weetamoo and we were not disappointed. As I said, it was beautiful day for a stroll in the woods and although we only got an occasional glimpse of the water through the trees at Ruecker, it was fun to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

And Weetamoo was interesting as well but for different reasons: an old sawmill that could have been operated by the Etruscans for all I know it was so old -- and spectacular views after a bit of clambering up a large rock.

Magali and Susie

Susie and me

From Ruecker it's a quick 5-minute drive to Weetamo, a much larger refuge and lots more trails, some not very well marked I might add.

saw mill ruins

lunch time!

the giant oak

back to the car

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