Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Donald Wade Soper Jr. 1936-2016, my big brother

Faithful to all he loved. A good son, a good husband, a good father and brother. He was in all things a good man and an even better Marine. We didn't see much of each other these past years and we rarely spoke on the phone. Those few times we did chat he was always solicitous of my health and concerned about me and my life.

He was the last person alive who has known me since I was born and part of my life, my world died with him today.

Brothers: Steve & Don Jr., Champaign, IL, c. 1962
Don and friends, Decatur, IL, c. 1945?
Viet Nam
Steve, Don and cousin Cheryl Hinman, Springfield, IL, c. 1953?
Brothers: Steve and his protector (Don Jr of course), c. 1952?
Don Jr., c. 1939?

Don Jr., c. 1938?

Don Jr., c. 1938?

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