Sunday, November 04, 2012

Magali and Jane present the stinky cheese party

After a fantastic opening day at the 2012 Winter Farmers Market, the French Tarte and I joined Magali and her friend Jane for their first annual stinky cheese party. (Magali's daughter Melodie was on hand as well to help coordinate things.)
The idea, simple in concept and wonderful in execution, was for each person to bring a cheese they deemed stinky but tasty, and a bottle of wine. Greens were provided and there was also pate, soup and various other goodies as well. Susie brought a lemon tart and a selection of financier (almond-based cakes) to wrap it all up.
The cheeses were delightful -- my favorite was the Epoisses, rich like smooth, whipped butter but with a bite that reminded you this is an incredible cheese. The wines were spot on -- French, Italian and California; the company was amiable and warm, and the conversation lively and pleasant all around. We couldn't have imagined a warmer group or a smarter idea.
Truffle tremor


Fourme d'Ambert


Perstelle du Beaujolais

Gigi and Guy



Saga and Roquefort

Goat cheese balls swirling in olive oil and herbs


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