Sunday, November 25, 2012

The French Tarte on November 24

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This past Saturday kicked off, as they all have ever since the Winter Farmers Market opened in Hope Artiste Village in early November, with Susie arriving at the shop around 6am. I returned about 8 and Susie's helper Lee arrived shortly afterwards.

This morning was a bit special since Susie's sister-in-law Dorothy and niece Mallory (Mary's daughter) came to help out.

One of the biggest hits this fall has been the "Shortbread Bar," where, for 4 bucks a dozen people can grab a bag, and mix n' match from a dozen different flavors.

Mallory was a great help in the kitchen (it runs in the family) and between her and Dorothy they kept the shortbread bar well stacked and organized and the dirty dishes out of the way (thanks, Dor!).

and, as always, the French Tarte kept moving. . 
blueberry brioche
Susie's latest creation, "sugar buns," made from croissant dough!
and a great layout, as usual!
pumpkin ginger tart -- for Thanksgiving, of course!
you can never have enough photos of those sugar buns!

orange pistachio crumble financier (almond cake) 
Dorothy and Mallory catch their breath and take a break 

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