Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Birthday ice cream sandwiches, power outage and a new home

Sunday we returned to Clear Lake for ice cream sandwiches in celebration of Susie's birthday and to enjoy being with the Ten Have clan. Jennifer provided the ice cream and the smiles -- although Susan added her own happiness to the general mix of another beautiful day at the lake. . .

Later that evening the wind that had been blowing pretty strong earlier in the day picked up with serious ferocity and by 9pm rain had begun to fall. Just about 9:30 that evening, Sunday, the power went out and remained out until sometime early Tuesday morning. That gave us the opportunity to feel like we were camping out but without the bugs. Anyway, Susan and I used the facilities at our gym to shower but otherwise we all made it through.

Last, but by no means least, we have begun the process of turning our new condo into our home -- I'll post another entry with those details but in the meantime I've included a few photos of the new place below. One thing we're going to appreciate come winter is a garage. . .

Jennifer with the birthday ice cream, sort of

the birthday girl

ze new home

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