Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eaglecrest condo - almost home

Susan and I are scheduled to meet with kitchen designer and her contractor Wednesday afternoon (August 19). As you can see by the photos the kitchen is very small and while we dot plan to increase the footprint of the space we do plan on opening it up. But more of that as it evolves.

For the moment, the following images will give you (and s, too, in years to come) a clearer sense of what the space looked like when we first closed on the condo. Much updating has already been done (new appliances and mechanicals for example) but that's already part of another post.

As I type this the electricians are in upgrading the electrical system, adding new ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc. Since not all of the fixtures have arrived, however,t hat process will remain open for probably a week or two yet.

Main level, the kitchen:

the wallpaper, reefer and dishwasher are gone

the GE stove, c. 1984, has been replaced and the microwave replaced by a ventilation hood

Main level, living room:

from the entry, looking to the rear and down the stairs

looking back to the entry

looking into the hall to the bedrooms

toward the master bedroom

toward the office

master bath - the bathrooms are slated for phase two of remodeling

master bed room: Susie's readying all the main floor  the closets for painting before the closet systems are installed next week; also lights will be added inside the closets as well

office closet

Stairway to lower level:

from family room to 2nd bath

from bath to family room

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wood burning fireplace

passageway from laundry into mechanical room

the old refrigerator has been placed against this wall next to the outlet

washer and dryer replaced

looking through the passageway into the mechanical room

looking into the laundry room from the mechanicals
So, this pretty much gives you an idea of what new condo was like a week ago -- more changes to come so stay tuned!

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