Friday, August 07, 2015

Sunflowers, Dick and Dorothy arrive, our 32nd wedding anniversary, and Clear Lake

Dick and Dorothy arrived from Massachusetts early Wednesday afternoon. Although we were originally told by the power company on Monday that the power would be off until late Wednesday evening, it came back on early Tuesday morning so there were no rude surprises for the travelers.

They had come out to help Bernice celebrate her 88th birthday and the five of us spent quality time visiting, catching up and just enjoying time together.

With D & D's arrival and Susan being back in Michigan, Joyce just having been out here in June and Mary coming later in August, Bernice would have had all of her children with her at one time or another this summer. I doubt if there could be anything to make her happier than that simple fact.

Thursday afternoon, our 32nd wedding anniversary, the five of us drove out to Clear Lake for another family get together. As we pulled off of US 131 just west of Rockford our eyes caught sight of two enormous fields of sunflowers, a very atypical crop for Michigan I should say. Where once there had been corn there were now hints of the sun -- it reminded us all of driving in France or Italy where these crops are just about everywhere. Fantastic. (And yes, I got carried away with the camera.)

A great day to be alive and in Michigan, which was no small comfort if we couldn't be in France.

Dorothy and John talk over old and new times

Susan is still as pretty -- quite possible more so -- than she was 32 years ago this afternoon

father and daughter: John and Jennifer

Aunt Marian


Jen said...

Those sunflowers are amazing! Happy belated anniversary....

Jen said...

Those sunflowers are amazing. Happy belated anniversary...