Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park: Wege Trail and the American Horse

Yes, it's hot here right now under the Great Midwestern Heat Dome, but I still like to walk the 20 minutes or so over to Meijer Gardens and stroll around. Anyway, the mornings aren't too warm yet and I'm always finding something new to see at the Gardens.

Last Tuesday it was a stroll along the Wege Nature Trail and Thursday morning it was a quick spin through the tropical conservatory. Peaceful, quiet, and a wonderful way to lose oneself in the beauty of nature if only for an hour or so. Certainly helps to put the mean side of human nature in perspective.

Mary Zimmermann "Toads" along the Wege Trail

our condo is just beyond that tree line on the left

Shelly Curtis "Reynard"

Curtis Zabel "The Escape"

Nina Akamu "The American Horse"

Up tomorrow:  inside the tropical conservatory!

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