Sunday, July 31, 2016

Update from Grand Rapids

Life is pretty good -- in fact, it's damn good.

The Tarte has several irons in the fire (and they're getting hotter by the minute), I'm very close to wrapping up my four-volume series of guidebooks to the sculptures in Paris Cemeteries, our trip to France is inching ever closer (cannot wait), the family here is all well, and Dick and Dorothy spent a few days last week to visit family, friends and just enjoy being in Western Michigan.

Good? I'd say it's great! and I've got the photos to prove it. . .
the French Tarte plotting her next move

this is quite probably the only palm tree on a beach in Michigan (Grand Haven State Beach)

part of the Victorian Garden at Meijer Gardens

waterfall at Meijer Gardens

Dick and Dorothy on their 34th anniversary at Meijer Gardens

Van Halsema cousins at Clear Lake: Melissa Ten Have Loaney, Jennifer Galloway and Susan VandenBereg

Clear Lake: a place of refuge

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