Monday, May 13, 2013

In the British Airways lounge at Boston Logan

We had a smooth ride to Logan Airport from Providence.

Lee picked us up on time and we cruised through light traffic up I-95 to I-93 and straight to Terminal E. since we arrived before check-in we had a bite to eat at the Boston Bar  & Grille located next to security checkpoint. When we paid our bill our server informed us that our receipt would get us through the fast lane in security and she was right). In any case, we had a quick checkin, security was a breeze and we scooted up (or rather down) to the BA lounge.

We used air miles for our ticket this time and upgraded to business class, an unusually shrewd move for me, I know but there's always a first time.

So here we are, near the self-serve bar (dinner is served in a few minutes we're told) and just relaxing in cozy chairs, enjoying ourselves immensely.

Anyway, we board in a couple of hours. Paris is just a matter of distance now.

Wish you were here. . .

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