Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sisters is much more than a word -- Susan Nell and Joyce Anne

This past Sunday, Susie and I packed ourselves into the Mini and headed north up I-95 to I-93 and then back onto I-95 as we made our way to Portland, Maine, and a rendezvous at the Panera in Westbrook with Dick, Dorothy and Joyce (AKA Joybell).

The five of us spent a pleasant afternoon of good food, warm conversation and siblings just being together sharing their affection for each other.

Unfortunately, Dick and Dorothy scooted out to Freeport before I could snap a photo of a brother with his two sisters. But I did get Joyce and Susan together. Some things never seem to change, like the bond between two sisters. It's a beautiful thing to watch in action and these images can only provide an all-too-brief glimpse into that phenomenon.

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