Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13 off to France!

Monday morning in Providence and we're just about ready to leave for France. The sun is high already, the air is cool and fresh, a great day for flying.

We've been working toward this morning for some months now and most particularly all this past weekend spent tidying up loose ends around the house, running last minute errands and pulling clothes out of the closet: "do I take this one or that one," "what will I need" and "when will I need it?" A weekend of relaxed preparation broken by lovely dinners, warm conversation and a chance to say au revoir to family and a few friends.

The sign is on the French Tarte's door: "gone to France!" and so we shall soon. We've done our online check-in at British Airways and printed our boarding passes. Emails sent off to confirm our lodging and we have Richard and Pauline's phone numbers at the ready

So, Susie will sip her coffee in bed, eventually collect everything we've planned to take and start rolling and packing. Lee will come by a little after noon, we'll load her car and head north to Boston's Logan Airport.

Once we reach Paris we pick up our car and head south down the A-1 to the Peripherique around Paris, then on to the A-6, which will connect to the A-10 to the A-71 and A-20 heading to Limoges, stopping for coffee somewhere along the way. 

Assuming we don't cross paths with any Moors, Huns, Franks or Inquisitors, we'll get off the A-20just north of Limoge and wend our way to Oradour sur Glane, where we'll spend one night at Le Moulin de la Fauvette. 

We then continue south passing Toulouse, Carcassonne and meet up with Richard and Pauline at Domaine de Mournac Antugnac  near Limoux, where we'll spend three nights.

After Limoux It's back north to Turenne and a night at La Maison des Chanoines, before making the final dash to Paris where we'll drop our car off at Gare Austerlitz and grab a taxi for our apartment at no. 22 rue Sevigne.

Stay tuned!

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