Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 15 to Languedoc and Domaine Mournac de Antugnac

After a sobering morning strolling the haunted village of Oradour sur Glane just west of Limoges, Susie and I returned to the car and pulled out of the parking lot onto the D9 heading for the N141, eventually retracing our drive from the previous day.

Back on the A20 south we drove through lush, fertile countryside marred only by the gloomy skies and occasional light rain. As we approached Toulouse the rain shifted to torrential downpour but we still found our way onto the A61. From the A61 we took the A62 in the direction of Carcassonne (more of that city later), where we got off onto the D118 heading south toward Limoux.

By the time we reached the D118 the countryside had turned rugged but with hints of Tuscan hill towns everywhere.  As we drove further south pointed straight at the Pyrenees the landscape changed dramatically, becoming more dramatic, the valleys and hills becoming more pronounced.

As we passed through Limoux (home of incredible sparkling wines) we called to check in with Richard and Pauline. Once we reached Couiza, south of Limoux, we crossed the Aude and found our way to the sleepy village of Antugnac, where saw the sign for the B and B. Following a narrow, one-lane back road we crawled up the hillside and pulled into the gate of our accommodations for the next couple of days. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed.

no swimming this trip!

entry to our room

our room
south from the outdoor eating area
south to the Pyrenees!

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