Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 22 Susie's in class, I'm in the cemetery and great food

After a leisurely morning breakfast of pastries and coffee we readied ourselves for the streets of Paris. The sun hinted at the possibility of coming out as we walked downstairs and out onto rue de Sevigne. We made our way through the neighborhood streets soaking in the atmosphere if not the sunshine.
near the Swiss Cultural Center

The plan, such as it was, would be to have lunch at Poilane's Cuisine de Bar, the one that just so happened to be in the Marais. One of our favorite places for lunch -- and especially for their tartines -- had been the Cuisine de Bar on rue du Cherche Midi. No Metro ride this time, though, just an easy stroll.

one of their rustic apple tarts
After a leisurely lunch (our theme this trip is being "leisurely") Susie headed off for her class at Alain Ducasse's school in the 16th arrondissement and I would go the opposite direction, to Pere-Lachaise in search of the earliest burials.

Devoted to "all things chocolate," Susie's class was fun, informative and made up of just her and one other student, a Japanese woman who had taken a number of classes from Ducasse before and who teaches pastry out of her home in Japan.

As for me, well, I no sooner got to the cemetery than it began to sprinkle but juggling my umbrella with one hand I could still take photos with the other. . . Anyway, after shooting for a while I hopped onto the Metro and headed across town to meet up with Susie after class.

We then headed over to another Clotilde recommendation, "Au Fils des Saison," for one of those ideal Parisian dinners: an intimate bistro, one person working out front and one (maybe two?) in the back, delicious food, house wines, reasonable cost. The way life was meant to be. As Clotdile says, "traditional French with a twist."

After dinner we paid, walked outside into the slipping twilight and made our way home along the streets of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements.

le menu
cheese assortment
asparagus risotto
beef with potatoes

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