Saturday, August 03, 2013

Going to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Susie had already been in Michigan for about a week by the time I left on Friday, August 2, her birthday.

Uneventful flying through gorgeous weather made the trip a breeze for me -- so no complaints aside from the dubious quality of the aircraft out of Providence. Traveling from Providence's T. F. Green airport to connect to my Grand Rapids in Newark -- I won't do that again. We parked at Terminal C, very new and spiffy, but then I had to hike from underground to Terminal A via bus (shades of Heathrow this past spring) and found my flight had been delayed.

So, I spent a fair amount of time sitting around old, worn Terminal A amidst a jam-packed selection of folks traveling all over creation.
It's always about waiting at the airport

our plane to Newark -- Bob's Third World Airlines masquerading as United Express

check out the worn rubber gasket around the emergency exit on our flight to Newark -- luckily we didn't leave the plane earlier than planned

beautiful travel weather and incredible skies

I arrived an hour or so late, picked up my rental car and headed straight out to our friend Stan's home for dinner -- he willingly agreed to host Susie's birthday dinner. Susie and her mom were already there sipping wine and eating shrimp. But I caught up in no time.

Stan Susie and Bernice

me Susie and Bernice
It was wonderful to be back in Michigan, for Susie's birthday of course, but also for the Van Halsema family reunion slated to kick off the next day out at Clear Bottom Lake, near Rockford.

Stay tuned!

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