Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last weekend out and about in Rhode Island

This past weekend was, in a word, gorgeous here in the Land that Time Forgot. The weather was nearly perfect and it was nice having early release on Friday -- of course that ends when school ramps up in two weeks. But for the moment we savor the freedom.

Friday afternoon we headed down to Narragansett to have dinner with Andie, her mother Barbara and their friend Marlene. We sat outside sipping sparkling wine before going inside for a scrumptious dinner of codcakes (made with fresh cod from Point Judith), sauteed zucchini and a fresh green salad. Dessert was a flan with poached peaches, compliments of the Fresh Tarte.

Marlene and Barbara

On Saturday we drove the 5 minutes or so from our house  to the East Bay Bike Path, crossing the Seekonk River and down Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

After parking Susie headed out for her regular hour ten minute walk and I sat on a bench in the shade of a tree wisely planted just off the path next to the parking lot. I had brought a good read along, a story of war in Sicily and Italy, of lives whose end days were spent in unpleasantries of the most profound kind, underscoring how much I enjoyed being outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

On Sunday we continued to enjoy splendid weather and so drove down to Bristol for lunch at Agave right on the water, near the terminus of the East Bay Bike Path. The food is so-so but the location is perfect for this weather.

Turkey Club that was really more like a turkey "stick"

Tasteless fish matched by Sysco fries
From Bristol we drive back north just a mile or so to Colt State Park, one of the real treasures in this part of Rhode Island and a favorite outdoor haunt for both of us (and about a jillion other like-minded folks)

Rumor has it we'll be back here again next weekend for some petanque (AKA boules). stay tuned!

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