Friday, August 12, 2016

Horace and Anna Faull summer of 1913

Many years ago while we were living in Vermont, I stopped at an antiques shop adjoining a family home somewhere along Route 7 north of Rutland. It was on a whim that I pulled into the parking lot, no specific urge to pick a Ming vase or Louis the Whatever armoire. As I browsed about the shop my eyes landed on a small photo album. Marked simply “Photographs” it had a photo of two young children on the front that caught my attention.

In various moves over the succeeding years I have lost the album but I had the good sense to digitize it and place it in my archives, for what reason now escapes me (if there ever was a reason, of course).

There were hints about where the images were taken, clearly in the summer but for many years I had no idea the details of who those children were (or Aunt Florence) or where they were at the time. Based on the few captions I recently ran a search of the Internet, that all-knowing source of information, and now know at least the following:

The two children are Horace and Anna Faull, children of Joseph Horace (1870-1961), an eminent botanist and Annie Bell Sargent. Horace (junior) would eventually become a chemist while Anna (d. 1983) would follow a career in botany, like her father.

When the photos were taken the family was camping or staying near or along Spruce Creek not far from Barree, PA.

Here are the photos in their original order:

is this the father, Joseph?

it's unclear from the album who these people are, where they are or the context (aside from the obvious)

Aunt Florence?

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