Friday, August 26, 2016

Pétanque in western Michigan

Pétanque, a form of boules is a fun and simple little game that is similar to bocce in Italy. Two teams, outdoors, throwing little metal balls around trying to see who can get closest to a small wooden ball, called the cochonnet ("piglet") or occasionally the "jack."

Last Sunday was simply beautiful in western Michigan, as about 20 or so members of the Grand Rapids chapter of Alliance Française gathered to play pétanque, sip wine and eat delicious food at the home of one of the members. A recent storm had cooled things down, the clouds in Michigan's expansive sky were hanging over us like a ceiling crafted by Michelangelo.

A grand time was had by all -- lots of laughing and merrymaking as the teams vied for the grand prize: a bottle of Pastis. Susie and I had the distinction of winning this year but there were lots of wonderful tosses to be sure.

By 6pm the games were over, the wine gone, and the food nearly so as we all packed up and headed home, cruising the backroads of the beautiful farm country that makes up eastern Ottawa and western Kent counties.

a serious toss

waiting for the next round

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