Thursday, August 04, 2016

Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in early August

So far this month I've walked over to Meijer Gardens two out of the first three days of the month. And, once again, I am struck by how much I still haven't seen -- especially sculpture: bits of bronze and stone tucked into green niches, off beaten paths, down an overgrown path. Being there makes me feel like the flâneur I long to be. . .

August 1, familiar pieces:
"Mad Mom" by Tom Otterness

"Two Bears" by Marshall Fredericks

"Grand Rapids Arch" by Andy Goldsworthy

"Urban Excursion" and Rendezvous" by Chakaia Booker

"Visitation" by Joseph Kinnebrew
And on August 3, some not-so-familiar (excepting the Rodin):

"Eve" by Auguste Rodin

"Torso of Summer" by Aristide Maillol 

"Standing Woman" by Ossip Zadkine

"Juggler" by Marino Mariani

"Tana" by Mimmi Paladino

Brazen fish

"Broken nose carrying a bottle" by Juan Muñoz

"Scarlatti" by Mark di Suvero - OK, we've seen this one before

Wildflower field

"Column of the Free Spirit" by Richard Hunt - but how this escaped me, escapes me now

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