Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer of 1956: Dutch relatives visit Clear Lake and Fremont, Michigan

In June of 1956 relatives from the Netherlands paid a visit to the rather large and extended Van Halsema clan in Western Michigan.

A handful of images that came out of that short stay have come back to Michigan at long last: at the VandenBerg home on Oak Street in Fremont and a visit to the Ten Haves at Clear Lake, near Rockford, still a favorite family gathering place 60 years later!
eating out back on Oak Street with the Vandenbergs: Tunis seated far left, Helen Vandepolder and Betsy Dekorne

Susan (with the hose) douses Dutch relative Dorotje in the backyard of Oak Street

A visit to the Ten Haves at Clear Lake

Tunis VandenBerg having a word with one of children (Susan perhaps?)
(Part of an ongoing project of scanning old slides of VandenBerg and Van Halsema family photos and sharing them online -- more to come!)

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