Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At the British Airways Lounge, waiting

So, right now we're sitting in the BA lounge at Logan Airport, enjoying the comfort of just relaxing before the long-haul flight to Paris tonight.

It has been another gorgeous day for travel.

After our arrival yesterday afternoon and a wonderful meal last night we slept in followed by a leisurely morning doing very little. A high point of the day was a superb lunch provided by the Dorothy VandenBerg One-on-One Catering Service. She provided homegrown tomatoes, red peppers and cukes with sliced avocados, onions and pita pockets accompanied by a large tub of hummus. The three of us (Dick had to go to school) sat outside for this scrumptious lunch, joined by lovely breezes and perfect temperatures.

A little before 3 pm (1500) we loaded our stuff into Dor's car and she hauled us to the Logan Express shuttle at Framingham. We said our goodbyes -- still leaving our return plans through Boston up in the air -- and were soon aboard the bus.

After a quick 30-minute ride we were soon cruising from terminal to terminal at the airport letting people off until the bus dropped us off at Terminal E for British Airways.

Five minutes later we were checked in -- although we were not given seats together for some reason -- and soon making our way through security. The lines were short and, since we were traveling business class, shorter still.

Everything went like clockwork until we reached the second TSA agent who had apparently missed his calling as a storm trooper. He pointed out to Susan that her name was misspelled on her boarding pass and that she had to return to the BA counter to straighten it out.

Back we went to the BA desk where the agent just wrote the correct spelling in ink on the boarding pass and said that if the guy had a problem we were to return and one of the agents would escort Susie through security.

Back we went through security -- still a breeze -- where we found that the first TSA agent was gone and had been replaced by a fellow who had a sense of perspective and waved Susan through.

After a quick frisk -- why is it I never get the young girl to frisk me? -- we made our way to the British Airways lounge to hang out, have a bite to eat and prepare ourselves for boarding - which will happen within the next hour or so.

The lounge is packed but the service folks here are unflappable, incredibly accommodating and helpful. And did I mention friendly?

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