Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paris 25-27 September

Sunday was another day in Paris, another day just to be here.

I went to Père-Lachaise in the morning and worked on my shot list. Later that afternoon we struck out for the Metro and the western side of the city. The plan was to pay a visit to Valerie and Hubert who live in the 15th arrondissement. Susie and Val had gone to Basic Pastry together at Le Cordon Bleu in 2006 and we've stayed in touch with her ever since. Susie even attended her wedding.

Anyway, the last time we saw Val and Hubert , some three years ago, their children were very small. Well, at ages 5 and 3 their daughter and son are, I have to say, among the cutest kids we've ever seen (it helps that their cuteness manifests itself in Frenc0 right up there with those adorable MacD kids.

On the way to their home we stopped at Claire Damon's pastry shop along boulevard Pasteur, to pick up a few things to take along for treats (see Susie's post).

We had a wonderful afternoon visiting and catching up on the latest family news.  But, for each hello there always follows the inevitable goodbye. And so it was here. We walked out into gorgeous sunshine, made our way to the Metro and home for the rest of the afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday were both workdays, in a manner of speaking. Susie went off to her first class at Lenôtre while I headed to Père-Lachaise (again) to meet up with Marie B. and the two of us spent serious time looking for some of the earliest burials in divisions 20-24

I had an extensive shot list and two of us spent the morning combing through several of the more challenging divisions. Marie was keen on locating the earliest burials in the cemetery, part of goal as well. My work on clarifying sculpture information would come a bit later. Anyway we eventually had to take a break and she kindly bought me lunch at a cafe near the cemetery. Marie recommended a cabbage dish, chou farci, basically a cabbage roll, that came with pureed potatoes and a small pitcher of tasty gravy. It was, in a word, delicious.

On Tuesday I spent the better part of the day back in Père-Lachaise while Susie was in class. Since I had finished just about everything I needed to do in PL I took the Metro in to meet Susie for lunch. The chef at Lenôtre had recommended the cafe at the Petit Palais just across the street from the school and so that's where we met. After lunch I returned home for a nap and Susie went back for her second class. A little after I 5pm I returned to the Metro (3-2-1) and met Susie just as she finished wrapping up class.

The two of us headed back home for the evening -- dinner a casa once again.

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