Thursday, September 08, 2016

Labor Day and then some

OK, so the Meijer Garden photos were taken a few days before Labor Day. It was a gorgeous day and I needed to break in my new travel camera. Anyway, as I've often said before here, I just can't get enough of that wonderful green space laced with so much metal imagination and colorful flowers all mixed up together.

Much of the US holiday of Labor Day was spent with the Ten Have clan as family and friends gathered to celebrate not only the closing of summer and the opening of autumn but also John Ten Have's birthday.

Good food and even better conversation -- a superbly beautiful day at the lake.

Mark di Suvero's "Ben Webster," presumably named after the saxophonist?

the Big Greenhouse

"The Marching Band" by Stuart Padnos, painted in U of M's colors

"Bent of Mind" by Tony Cregg (my personal favorite)

The French Tarte reflecting on things to come. . . 

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