Friday, September 16, 2016

Lille 15 September 2016

our own unique welcome compliments of Kiera
We awoke to a beautiful Thursday morning on our first full day in Lille. The two of us slept in until almost 9am, catching up on our rest. After the kids went off to school -- Glen was already off to his work -- Christina grabbed her walking tour map of Lille and off the three of us went out into the warrens of small streets that make up the centre ville.

Our tour of the city was going to begin with pastry, a fitting beginning point we thought.

After leaving their apartment through it's rather sizable door to the street (their car is hidden behind the door inside) the first stop was Meert pastry shop just a couple of blocks away.

Susan and Christina at the MacDonald's front door
Along the way to get pastry we passed, in just one block, Philippe Olivier's fromagerie and the shop of chocolatier Guillaume Vincent. I love this place. Another minute later we were standing in front of Meert looking at the wonderful treats awaiting us inside. A quick glance to my left and I noticed the Le Creuset store.

in front of Meert

Susie and Christina chatting up with a local - who also provides the MacDs with more tips about food, markets etc.

Place Grande centre ville

war memorial near Place Grande
Tourism office located just behind the memorial

one of the old ports to the centre ville with a portion of the original walls

outside the old city heading to Parc Churchill

upscale caravans in Parc Churchill, which was barely a park at all
inside the Parc Ecologique we saw this sign to the Old City Park, which seemed to go nowhere
Parc Ecologique seemed to consist primarily of this rather stagnant water canal

one of the hidden entrances to the Parc Ecologique

birthplace of Charles de Gaulle
our lunch was at l'Arbre a Gand

while we sat inside we were really outside

all three of us had the Welsh complet, a ham sandwich with mustard covered by cheese, baked and then a fried egg on top - with frites, of course!

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