Monday, September 19, 2016

Last day in Lille 19 September

Monday morning found us both sleeping late before packing up and waiting for the next leg of our journey: touring the northwestern part of the Western Front with Richard and Pauline.

Notwithstanding my being accompanied nearly everywhere by a cold and sore throat, it's been a grand time seeing the MacDonalds and exploring this corner of France, and we've enjoyed just being back in France. We've eaten delicious food -- our meal last night at home was a scrumptious chicken enchilada soup made by Christina -- and seen some wonderful things (think Bruges).

Lille is very walkable and the people friendly -- if you're ever standing in line at the Meert pastry shop and a woman with glasses starts chatting with you like you're a local that's probably Marie-Claire. You're in for a treat and for some wonderful tips about the city. Tell her the French Tarte and her husband say bonjour!

Oh, and if your in Lille looking for food, any of these would do just fine:
  • l’Arbre a Gand 
  • La Bottega 
  • l’Assiette du Marche 
  • Le Pain Quotidien
Life is short. Go to France.

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