Friday, March 29, 2013

Bin 312 and Chez Pascal

Last Thursday it was back once again to Bin 312 and their Thursday evening tasting. Lots of folks, tasty food and we walked out with a case -- fairly hazardous things, these tastings.

Anyway, we headed back to Susie's shop and worked for an hour or so, getting ready for the big Easter rush -- and it would be just that, too. Unfortunately (for the Tarte), Lee was going to be with her family. for the weekend and wouldn't be available to help so it was going to be just Susie and me, which meant mainly Susie.

After slaving over putting boxes together (that would be me) and prepping food items for the weekend, we popped back into the Mini and drove the 3 minutes over to Hope Street and Chez Pascal. As always great food and good service.

pork three ways on a bed of potato gratin

hake with fennel and lentils

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