Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back to Nick's on Broadway

Even though it's been less than three weeks, Susie and I and two friends headed over to Nick's the other evening after a stop at Bin 312 for their weekly Thursday wine tasting. Even though it was early in the evening, not long after we sat down the place filled up with friends, couples and everything in between to enjoy warm conversation, great food and pleasant service. And so we did.

A litte amuse buche of pureed beet soup with local creram cheese:

The four of us shared the charcuterie plate as an app. Consisting of a variety of house-made pates, head cheeses, a rilette and condiments it was a thoroughly grand way to kick off a delicious evening:

Andrea had the roasted Narragansett Bay oysters:

Susie had local herb-roasted potatoes with bacon and pea greens (she also had the salad of baby greens lettuces):

I had the Baffoni Farm chicken on a bed of roasted potatoes and pea greens:

And for dessert we had a light sampling of a Spice Cake Truffle and Fruit:

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