Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at the French Tarte

This past Saturday we were without Lee Forbes so we decided to pass on the shortbread bar altogether and focus just on gift boxes of shortbread which Lee had helped put together.

No croissants or pain au chocolat either, but plenty of croissant aux mandes and this week, berry brioche aux mandes. And lots of tarts, of course. Everything sold. Everything. And people were still asking for more. . .

It was a great day not only for the Tarte but for everyone who stopped, bought and (eventually) ate.

So, each box contained 2 dozen, 2 each of the 12 flavors Susie makes.

croissant aux mandes

berry brioche aux mandes
raspberry pistachio tart
Susie was prepping some profiteroles for a special order, they would be topped off with fruit and the "cap" put back on

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