Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Dinner in Douglas, MA

It was a gorgeous day here in this slice of New England, hovering on the edge of the ocean, and spring weather roared in with determination. While Susie relaxed after a smashing weekend of sales I went out to Swan Point for a stroll around the cemetery. Nothing in bloom yet but that's not long in coming now.

Anyway, Susie stayed at the shop finishing up a few items -- notably several folks were scheduled to drop by and pick up their Easter orders.

 After I picked her up we headed home, relaxed and enjoyed a lazy afternoon before heading north to Douglas, MA, and dinner with Dick and Dorothy. Uncle Frank was there but Cathy was feeling under the weather and her wit and warmth were sorely missed.

as always on Linden Street, the food was wonderful and the conversation warm.

My tarte. . 



asparagus leek soup (at least I believe it was leek)

dick pours the wine

scalloped potatoes, baed ham and broccoli

Frank being wistful this Easter Sunday

the French Tarte

Dorothy eyeing me carefully as Uncle Frank stares off into the past, future and present, all at the same time

the Tarte preps dessert

scalloped potatoes with mushrooms

cocoanut cream pie with homemade graham cracker crust and a tiny chocolate tart for a chaser

one can never have enough scalloped potatoes

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